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Grand News Network | April 21, 2024

With its integrated Edge AI and DIY capabilities, SAPPHIRE, the security camera makes it simpler than ever to protect across LIVE, WORK and SHOP environments.

United States, 21st Apr 2024, King NewsWire - Gone are the days of complex security systems with knotted cables and confusing configurations. Kami Vision, a prominent figure in edge-based AI security solutions, proudly presents SAPPHIRE, a groundbreaking security camera designed to redefine security across various environments seamlessly.

Launching SAPPHIRE! Delve into the cutting-edge of intelligent business technology at ISC WEST from April 10-12, 2024. Experience the future firsthand at Booth #33081 in Las Vegas, NV.

Unlike complex systems of the past, SAPPHIRE offers a hassle-free experience with its integrated AI that processes data directly on the device, ensuring rapid responses and utmost privacy. This innovative camera can accurately identify individuals, vehicles, and more, providing unparalleled security.

SAPPHIRE stands out as an AI-powered 24/7 perimeter protection solution, boasting enhanced security features. This hardware-agnostic edge AI platform caters to a wide range of consumers and businesses operating in diverse verticals, from bustling malls to serene office spaces.

Sean Da, the CEO, introduces SAPPHIRE as the circle of security, offering a fully integrated, customized security system. Michael Adair, the COO, emphasizes SAPPHIRE's role in advancing safety measures worldwide, empowering customers with its cutting-edge features like Edge AI, DIY setup, and versatile cloud connectivity options.

SAPPHIRE embodies simplicity, affordability, and efficiency, offering easy installation and user-friendly operation. Through its friendly alerts and notifications, SAPPHIRE ensures swift responses to potential threats, providing users with peace of mind without disruptive alarms.

By actively preventing incidents like robberies and vandalism, SAPPHIRE acts as a protective barrier, promoting a safer environment for all. 

About Kami Vision:

Established in 2020, Kami Vision is a forward-thinking security software startup that delivers scalable and cost-effective edge AI solutions for diverse applications and markets. With more than 100 patents, Kami Vision's software powers 15 million iOS and Android smart devices, serving over 6 million consumers across 120 countries. With its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, and operations in Austin, Texas, Shanghai and Bangalore, Kami Vision has scaled rapidly as seen by the eight-fold increase in revenue to date. Visit to learn more and follow @KamiHome on Twitter.

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